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Making its premiere here on ReGen Magazine is the blackened post-industrial ambience of “Cyclic Saturnial” from the forthcoming album by Sweden’s V:XII, now signed to Sentient Ruin Laboratories. Written Daniel Jansson and drawing sonically on the traditions laid down by Cold Meat Industry and affiliated acts, the track is an aural representation of the theory of reptilian beings enslaving humans through the subjugation of rational thought and instilling mass psychosis over many eons – a conspiratorial subject that echoes the wider scope of the LU-CIPHER-SABBATEAN album’s themes of religious and ritualistic power leading to a world drowned in darkness and dread. Of the track, the label states, “This mauling mix of black metal and industrial wastescape will leave you emptied from all positive thought.”

Mixed and produced by Osman Arabi, V:XII’s LU-CIPHER-SABBATEAN will be released by Sentient Ruin Laboratories on April 21 in digital, CD, vinyl, and cassette formats, with pre-orders available now via the label’s website. Having worked in such bands as Culted, Deadwood, and Keplers Odd, Daniel Jansson founded V:XII in 2018, naming the band after the Romans 5:12 in the New Testament; LU-CIPHER-SABBATEAN marks the artist’s second full-length effort after 2020’s Rom, Rune and Ruin: The Odium Disciplina, which was followed the next year by the self-released CTRL EP.


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