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Vlimmer has undergone a considerable transformation since its inception in 2015, beginning rather simply as a darkwave band and eventually morphing into the one-man project of Berlin-based artist Alexander Leonard Donat, infusing elements of post-punk, industrial, goth, and synthpop. Making its premiere here on ReGen Magazine is the third single from Vlimmer’s forthcoming sophomore album, titled “Noposition,” in which Donat addresses the breakdown of communication and what he refers to as the “sabotage” of serious discussion of real issues in the age of social media. Pointing the proverbial fingers at social media and its proliferation of disrespectful and intolerant points of view, he explains further, “At the heart of the song is the repeated question of why someone doesn’t see that we are all the same as human beings, no matter what gender we are, where we come from or what we look like.” As a result, “Noposition” ostensibly is a statement of support for “people who don’t fit the traditional mold,” with Donat commenting in no uncertain terms, “Other people’s bodies, gender, and identity are nobody’s business except for the people themselves, but especially the knowledge of the existence of genderqueer people seems to trigger badly those people who organize their world in a simplified way with the help of an orderly pigeonhole thinking. People’s hatred of the unknown never ceases to surprise me in the worst way, even more so when it’s about topics that don’t even affect them directly. But I guess it’s just the fear of trying something new and taking the risk of having to change your perspective. This takes effort and requires mental work.”

“Noposition” is the third single from Menschenleere, following “Erdgeruch” and “Kronzeuge,” both released earlier this year, and respectively featuring as their B-side tracks “Space Dementia” and a cover of Depeche Mode’s “It’s No Good.” Due for release on November 4 via Blackjack Illuminist Records, Menschenleere follows up on the Nebenkörper debut, released on September 24 and currently available now in digital, vinyl, and CD formats.


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