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ReGen Magazine is pleased to present the world premiere of the latest music video from electronic act Vexillary, titled “Maritime Panic.” Throbbing with eccentric synthesized progressions of harrowing ambient passages and pulsating bass, the song offers a taste of the upcoming Vexillary release, SurViolence; the video, directed by Vexillary front man and founder Reza Seirafi and edited by Svitlana Zhytnia (a.k.a. Zhi-Zhi Zhignaviche of Zhi-Zhi Visuals), presents what Seirafi calls “surreal horror vibes mixed in with lovecraftian tropes all wrapped up with a contemporary art look and feel,” based on original visuals by Luqman Ashaari. “Maritime Panic” marks Seirafi’s directorial debut.

SurViolence will be released this summer on Blaq Records; it follows the December 2018 release of The Brutalist EP. Seirafii explains that much of the album’s fat bass and synth leads were created using the Access Virus TI, while much of the sound of the album was inspired by his New York City home, resulting in a blend of industrialized techno and dark synthpop.


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