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Blending elements of dance-oriented rhythms with smooth electronics and melodic rock, Trade Secrets released its latest EP, the first part of the These Other Lives series, on July 3 via Distortion Productions. Following up on its release and now making its premiere on ReGen Magazine is the music video for “Out the Picture,” the EP’s opening instrumental track; directed by acclaimed filmmaker Patrick Meaney, the video presents an evocative mélange of colorful projections featuring the band members, all captured in their respective locations around the world and brought together in an atmospheric sonic milieu – at once detached yet interconnected. “I was confident he could deliver something special,” states Trade Secrets founder F.J. DeSanto, going on to say that he was pleasantly surprised by the director’s “dark yet colorful dreamscape that not only captured the heart and soul of the song, but elevated it in a way where the sound and visuals are impossible to disconnect from one another. I can’t listen to this song without thinking about the video now.”

Mixed and mastered by Mike Venezia at The Island of Misfit Toys, “Out the Picture” was arranged by DeSanto, with both he and Venezia appearing in the video alongside band mates Damien Polak (Peka), John Glenn Kunkel (The New Division), Peter Riley (Joy Machine, The Dossier), and Charles LaBarbara (Deckard, Hypefactor). An award-winning documentarian and writer of film and comic books, Meaney has worked with DeSanto numerous times over the past decade, having also used music by DeSanto’s previous band Hypefactor in several of his projects. These Other Lives, Part 1 is available to purchase via Bandcamp, with Trade Secrets planning to release Part 2 later in the year.


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