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Releasing the “Lockdown” single this past May to address the COVID-19 pandemic, Los Angeles goth/rock artist Thrillsville now presents a new music video for the track, making its premiere here on ReGen Magazine. Showcasing Rani Sharone’s signature flippant and frenetic visual style, the video’s dynamic lighting and stark visuals match the track’s insistent rhythm and gritty atmosphere, lyrics like “Can’t stop touching my face,” “Don’t even know what day it is anymore,” and “Losing my fucking mind” conveying the mental and emotional strain the crisis has had. As with the previous “So Close” video, “Lockdown” continues Thrillsville’s collaboration with fellow Los Angeles dark pop act Precious Child, who directed and edited the video with Sharone.

“Lockdown” is available via No Comment Records as a name-your-price item on Bandcamp, and follows up on the “So Close” single released in September 2019, along with Sharone’s video game soundtrack It’s Not Scary!. Written and produced by Thrillsville, “Lockdown” also features the mixing and mastering talents of legendary producer Ulrich Wild (Static-X, Deftones, PRONG, Cynergy 67, etc.).


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