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Blending elements of melodic doom with a cinematic scope is the new collaborative project The Funhouse Collective, making its debut with the release of “Twilight Zone.” Premiering here on ReGen Magazine, the track is a cover of the 1982 hit by Dutch rock act Golden Earring, written by guitarist George Kooymans and inspired by Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Identity; for this darker post-punk rendition, The Funhouse Collective founder Jonathan Mooney collaborated with Adrian Auchrome (Machinery of Desire, Shadows Beloved) and co-producer Michael Bann (Advent Sleep) to achieve a version that “arrives at a very poignant time in the world.” Auchrome explains further, “Growing up during the Cold War and coming of age when the original came out left me with indelible memories of that era. Add the events of the past few months to the mix and it seemed this could have new relevance.”

Based in Los Angeles and best known as half of the darkwave duo Johnathan|Christian, Mooney founded The Funhouse Collective with the intention of collaborating with friends to create a brand of “Melodic Doom™” with a cinematic scope, designing sounds and media for film and TV. Available to stream now on SoundCloud, “Twilight Zone” will be released on all platforms on July 27.


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