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SPANKTHENUN will soon be revealing the “Chrome” single as the latest taste of the dark electro/industrial act’s forthcoming full-length album, with the music video making its premiere here on ReGen Magazine. Wrought with vibrantly red-tinted visuals to match the song’s bass-heavy dance floor energy, “Chrome” addresses issues of complacency and conformity, “people giving up on life and just giving in to what they are told to do.”

The single, due for release on May 12, features remixes from Extize, Psyence Fiction, and Japanese artist Shouji Sakurai – a.k.a. Gutenberg – making a rare appearance on a track by a U.S. band; available to order on Bandcamp, “Chrome” marks the seventh single in as many months from The Bunker Tapes Vol III. The album is due to arrive in August, with SPANKTHENUN continuing to release a new single each month until its release. Previous singles from the album include “Blot Out the Sun,” “Madman,” “Crushing Blow,” “Fuck the Apocalypse,” “No One Survives,” and “This Is Not a Drill.” In the midst of the album singles, SPANKTHENUN had also released on Christmas 2022 the cover of Depeche Mode’s “Sea of Sin,” which had also made its premiere on ReGen.


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