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Making its premiere here on ReGen Magazine is the music video for “NEVER + ENOUGH,” the latest single from dark electronic and experimental industrial act SØLVE. “‘NEVER + ENOUGH’ is a song that comes from the awful but relatable sentiment of feeling lost while we waste our lives away chasing dreams,” states SØLVE’s Brandt Showers, the song reflecting the anxiety and uncertainty felt by many during the 2020 lockdowns; he goes on to call the song a tribute “to those who struggle to maintain their art and creativity against the anxieties of making it through this uncertain life,” addressing the negative emotions of fear and self-doubt, and offering an empathetic response to recognize them and cull success against the fear of defeat. With dynamic and frenetic lighting, complete with a warning for those with photosensitive epilepsy, the video is in Showers’ own words a “sparse but appropriately raw” performance.

With remixes by Null Device, ΣΕΘ (Set), SINE, BARA HARI, Suffer Ring, V▲LH▲LL, FIREs, and more, the NEVER + ENOUGH EP was released via Re:Mission Entertainment on March 12, and is available to purchase digitally and in limited edition CD formats via Bandcamp. The EP follows the “SVNT LACRIMÆ RERVM” single released in September of 2020, featuring remixes of that track and “Washed in the Blood” alongside “NEVER + ENOUGH.”


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