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Experimental industrial act SØLVE has announced the release of a new full-length album, titled Earth Inferno, at last following up on the project’s 2016 The Negative debut. With its title referencing the first book from author, artist, and occultist Austin Osman Spare (1886-1956), the album will see SØLVE’s Brant Showers taking the project into more personal and vulnerable territory, presenting an overarching narrative of coming to terms “with the unpredictable nature of life – navigating the search for meaning in a world that is capable of so much love and beauty while simultaneously cruel and profoundly unfair.” He further comments that the stark and melancholy lyrics relate to “a terrifying need for expression and a hope to be heard, maybe even understood.”
As such, the record’s first single, “Black Silk Stone,” which is making its premiere here on ReGen Magazine, pursues these perspectives with Showers explaining that although written from a specific experience, “I quickly realized that they were unfortunately relevant to many, many people in my life – that they could be referencing any number of people close to me is incredibly upsetting and a hard reality.” The simplicity and intimacy of the accompanying video’s imagery further accentuate these themes, the sparse yet powerful lyrical passages encouraging kindness and empathy to succor the emotional torments we suffer, the full extent of which is too personal to be truly known or completely understood,

Album CoverNow available for pre-order, Earth Inferno is due for release on June 7 in digital, and limited edition CD and cassette formats via Re:Mission Entertainment. The label revealed a reissue of 2016’s The Negative on November 23, 2021, with Earth Inferno marking the first new material from SØLVE after the NEVER + ENOUGH EP.


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