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Making its premiere here on ReGen Magazine is the music video for “Werewolves,” the latest from Portland’s Sky Lions. “It’s like a metamorphic reality of death and the future,” explains Radio Sloan about the A.I. animated video, with evocative imagery ripe for the Halloween season; “Our sound is that of accepting existence for all its flaws,” he continues, “a culmination of who we have been, who we currently are, and how we interpret the world around us.” Vocalist Outer Stace adds that the song’s themes of transformation and adaptation led to endless possibilities for the video’s art direction, adding that “It was a lot of fun to create the different versions of ourselves that we could be,” and that as an exercise in creative freeom, she and Sloan enjoyed “discovering the tools along with what is now a growing process.”

Blending elements of gothic, post-punk, and hard rock, the roots of Sky Lion lie in the childhood friendship between Radio Sloan and Outer Stace, the two having met at summer camp in Oregon. “Life does what life will do, and while we started out making music together as teenagers, our paths took different turns in our adult lives, though we never lost touch,” says Outer Stace. Over the years, Sloan has performed with the likes of The Need, Scarling, Le Tigre, Swallows, Circuit Side, and the live bands for Peaches and Courtney Love. Outer Stace was previously a member of electro/rock act Photona, and percussive synth duo Time Bitch, as well as appearing as a guest vocalist on Dead Animal Assembly Plant’s Bring Out the Dead in 2021; of Sky Lions, she comments, “Neither of us have worked so hard on a musical project in our lives.” “Werewolves” is the latest single from Inside the Circle, released independently by Sky Lions on August 29 and available now via Bandcamp.


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