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Kieren Hills has been steadily making waves in the underground music scene in Australia and New Zealand as a member of bands like Dark Horse, Death Church, and S.M.U.T.; now, he strikes with his own industrial and electro/punk project Schkeuditzer Kreuz. Making its debut here on ReGen Magazine is the video for “Broken,” the first single from the band’s forthcoming full-length debut, titled Isolated and Alone; Hills explains that he wrote the song to address his longstanding issues with mental health and anxiety resulting from “misfires in my head,” as well as his feelings of loss after the death of several friends during the lockdowns of the last year. “I (like others) didn’t get to hang out with those I am close to, to help process those losses,” Hills comments, “and instead went down a spiral that nearly ended up with me joining them.” Additionally, the music video is intended to convey these feelings, utilizing footage of abandoned factories to mirror the mechanical sounds of the track, as well as to “emphasize the derelict state of my mind” and “to give the idea of the pressure building through relentless mechanical existence.”

With “Broken” making its premiere, pre-sales for Isolated and Alone are now active, with the album due for release on December 14 via Bad Habit Records and Already Broken Records in Australia, and Pyrrhic Defeat Records in Europe. This marks the album’s second LP pressing, the first pressed at a plant in China with all copies ultimately destroyed, including the stamper plates and artwork, after it was deemed unfit for export due to “subversive content.” Schkeuditzer Kreuz is planning to conduct a tour of Australia and New Zealand in the first quarter of 2022, with hopes to tour Europe as travel restrictions are eventually lifted.


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