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This past February saw the release of Wavelengths, the full-length album debut from Powerviolet, with each of its colorfully titled tracks weaving noisy tapestries of electrified post-punk and meditative shoegazing atmosphere. From that album comes “Gold,” whose video now makes its premiere here on ReGen; referred to by drummer/synth player Bryan Peach as “moody, trippy, and a little off-kilter,” the track is exemplary of the sound he and guitarist/bassist Jason Anderson have cultivated. Of the video, created and directed by Taylin Wills of Eleven Twelve Media, Anderson goes on to describe its visuals as capturing “the power of solitude and reflection that I feel our songs are rooted in,” with Peach stating that it “embraces the more experimental side of the Powerviolet oeuvre.”

With Anderson based in Columbus, OH and Peach in Philadelphia, PA, Powerviolet creates remotely through file-sharing and text exchanges, the result of a decade’s worth of friendship and collaboration. The band released its debut We Won’t Sing For You EP on April 30, 2021 via Friend Club Records, featuring among its six tracks the “Romance” and Desert” singles. The label released Wavelengths on February 18 of this year, with the album available digitally and in a limited edition cassette, of which five copies remain at the time of this article.


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