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Formed in late 2021 by guitarist Stephan Salit, drummer Randy Gzebb, bassist Jay Denton, and vocalist/keyboard Ria Aursjoen, Octavian Winters has emerged from San Francisco to bring forth an ethereal brand of post-punk and darkwave. Maknig its premiere here on ReGen Magazine is “Surreal,” the latest single from the band, serving as a taste of what the forthcoming The Live or Curve debut EP will be offering – slow bass and drum grooves, icy shards of guitars, elegant yet haunting keyboard passages, and wispy, emotive vocals. “To me, it had a beautifully dark and watery feel,” Aursjoen explains, “like being caught at night on a foggy ocean,” with its slow tempo and melancholy ambience first written by Gzebb and Salit; the vocalist continues, “I feel this is a distillation of many people’s experiences over the last three years of lockdowns and schism,” the lyric of “It’s surreal, so find a way” proving to be the inescapable hook from which the lyrics and melody flowed.

“Surreal” marks the third single release from Octavian Winters, following “Undertow” and “Ondine,” with all three to be featured on the band’s forthcoming debut EP, The Line or Curve; mixed, mastered, and co-produced by William Faith (The Bellwether Syndicate, Faith and the Muse), and recorded by Mark Pistel (Consolidated, Meat Beat Manifesto), the EP is due for release on October 13 via Stratis Capta Records, with digital pre-orders available via Bandcamp.


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