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With the band’s members having a collective history in such groups as Christian Death, Shadow Project, Cricketbows, The Jackalopes, and more, the electropunk and death rock group New Way Vendetta offers up a sonic antidote to the dystopian reality of 2020. With the new two-track Cough/Cool / 1984 (On the Floor) single making its premiere here on ReGen Magazine, the band presents a dose of vitriolic escapism, stating that “We want NWV to be the soundtrack to a pro-mask, anti-fascist, equality-based revolution.” The A-side track, “Cough/Cool” offers up the band’s energetic yet faithful rendition of the prophetic Misfits song, while the B-side “1984 (On the Floor)” showcases New Way Vendetta at its songwriting best as the track laments social distancing and the loss of personal contact due to the current pandemic; front man W. Vendetta states, “As I rolled through the streets of my own city of Dayton, Ohio in the morning after a riot that took out the windows of my business, I realized that this is that dystopian future that my 1980s, late night TV childhood had prepared me for. With New Way Vendetta, I can view the world through a 1984/alternate-universe filter that allows me to escape the reality of what’s happening outside while still living right in the middle of it.”

Album CoverRecorded in the midst of the COVID-19 quarantines, with Floodgate Missions’ Mike Doomsday mixing/mastering, the 7-inch digital single releases on Bandcamp on September 4 via Mosquito Hawk Exquisite Recordings, with a wider release following on September 11. The “Cough/Cool” cover and “1984 (On the Floor)” will also appear on New Way Vendetta’s upcoming full-length album, tentatively titled Rites of the Black Mask, with future singles and remixes from the likes of Floodgate Mission, Hexadiode, and Mensa Deathsquad.
The original version of “Cough/Cool” marked the Misfits’ debut single in August 1977 several months after the band’s formation. Although the song has been re-recorded and re-released in various versions since then, the original is renowned for featuring songwriter Glenn Danzig using distorted keyboards in place of guitars as the band did not have a regular guitar player at the time; this resulted in one of the earliest examples of electropunk.
Each band member in New Way Vendetta has adopted a pseudonym corresponding to the last four letters of the alphabet, and although their true identities are not inherently secret, ReGen will not be revealing them at this time.


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