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Like many musicians throughout 2020, Cristian Carver has been busy; after premiering the debut single from his solo CARV.R project last month, he continues a streak of productivity with his MAN1K1N band mate Johnny E. Veil. Making their dual-premiere here on ReGen Magazine are the visualizers for “Into the Void” and a remix of “Wounds” by Glitch Mode Recordings act Big Time Kill, both appearing on the new single Into the Wounds; the videos were created by Veil, both featuring clips courtesy of ACP Curious Productions. The band refers to “Into the Void” as “a tongue-in-cheek suicide of the self” as its themes critique joyless aspirations to unattainable ideals, all the while “slaving to a trend pretending you can.” As for the remix, MAN1K1N states it to be “far from a standard club remix,” furthering the two bands’ association after Big Time Kill’s previous remix of “Now Your Wounds Are Getting Larger.” Both “Into the Void” and “Wounds” visualizer clips can be viewed on YouTube, while the Into the Wounds single is available now on Bandcamp.




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