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Making its premiere here on ReGen Magazine is the new music video from Maheekats, “Money Bunny,” off the Southern California dream rock duo’s upcoming Circle of Dominion EP. According to band member Craig Camp, “The song is about money-loving girls in Hollywood who play guys to get their money,” relating his band mate Clara Hembree’s experience shopping for a Killing Joke record and witnessing girls driving by in a convertible flashing guys on the sidewalk. “Money Bunny” was mixed by the legendary musician/producer John Fryer (Black Needle Noise), bringing his signature dark atmospheres and textures to the track; Fryer comments that the song “stood out to me as a fun and super pop alt. song,” calling Mahkeets fun to work with. The band shares the sentiment, calling the cooperation a “great experience,” with both parties expressing enthusiasm to work together again. Other contributors to the song include Nigerian artist Fega Michaels bringing a hip-hop flair to Maheekats’ lush brand of dreamy alt. rock and post-punk, and drummer Fredo Ortiz, who has worked with such renowned acts as The Offspring, The Beastie Boys, and Gogol Bordello.

Directed by Augustine Zepeda and featuring the talents of models Dark Harmony and Pris, the music video for “Money Bunny” was shot at The Crooked Path Apothecary and in and around Los Angeles; additional segments were shot in Nigeria by Fega Michaels as she lends her own artistic visual style to supplement the video, which was edited by Camp and Hembree. The John Fryer mix of “Money Bunny” is available to purchase now via the Maheekats Bandcamp as the preview track off the Circle of Dominion EP; the full release is due later in 2020.


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