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NUKES, the industrial music collective spearheaded by No Devotion Records founder Mario Alberto Cabada, released its long awaited debut single “Death Sky” on April 19 to great acclaim. Produced and mastered by John Bechdel (False Icons, Ascension of the Watchers, MINISTRY) and available via Bandcamp, the single included remixes by Panoptica’s Roberto Mendoza and The Blue Hour’s Brian Hodges, both of whom are regular contributors to the group, with the single dedicated to the memories of pioneering industrial legends Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Gabi Delgado-López, and Bill Rieflin.

Now, ReGen Magazine is pleased to present the music video for “Death Sky,” making its official premiere here. Filmed, edited, and mixed in Mexicali Baja, Mexico, “Death Sky” was directed by Ron Ojeda, who states that the video’s trajectory was based not merely in the lyrics, but “of a story given by the music, which pushes the song in a crescendo. It was a feeling based in the presence of death and sorrow, the imprisonment of a soul, and the despair of the shackle.” Referring to the video as “ridiculously beautiful,” Cabada comments, “Ron Ojeda has been a friend since we were 13 and 15, respectively, and I knew he understood the profile of the video since he has the punk rock soul deep in him.” He also goes onto say that “he accentuates the feel of the whole drama of the song.”
The contributing NUKES members followed social distancing guidelines, shooting footage in enclosed locations around the world. Along with Bechdel, Hodges, and Mendoza, the band members featured include Joey Pérez (Flesh Vomit), David J (Bauhaus), Chris Connelly (Revolting Cocks, Cocksure, MINISTRY, Pigface), EN ESCH (<PIG>, Pigface, ex-KMFDM), Erie Loch (Primitive Race, Blownload, Wiccid), Martin Bowes (Attrition), H.F. Mino (Hetaira Decrépita), Mikel Andrew Vot (Electrovot), Tony Young (Autoclav1.1), and Jerry Lopez, with director Ron Ojeda appearing as the Monk.

In addition to the ReGen Premiere, “Death Sky” will also be appearing via Mexican publication Deposito Sonoro. A livestream will be taking place today via the No Devotion Records Facebook page; shooting at Hypernativo Studios in Mexicali Baja at 6:00pm PST, the livestream will feature NUKES members Cabada, Bechdel, Lopez, Pérez, and Jim Marcus (GoFight, Die Warzau, Pigface) discussing the “Death Sky” video and the NUKES project.


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