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Making its premiere here on ReGen Magazine is the video for “STK” from blackened industrial/metal act Hold Me Down. Directed by Dan Wagner, the video presents a frenetic visual accompaniment for the song’s mix of dissonant electronics, discordant guitars, and demonic vocalizations – a blend that the Richmond-based band defines as “a response to heavily synthesized music we enjoy, but find somewhat static and dull in a live setting.” The band goes on to say that both the song and the material on the forthcoming Powerless full-length are Hold Me Down’s attempt to “create electronic body music with the same spectacle and reckless abandon found in other aggressive genres,” citing the influence of Skinny Puppy, MINISTRY, Godflesh, and Swans.

“STK” is the fourth of 10 tracks on Powerless, an album that thematically examines personal failure, withdrawal, and emotional turmoil in the midst of a fractured society. Powerless is due for release on May 6 via Sentient Ruin Laboratories in digital, cassette, and vinyl, with the physical formats available to pre-order via the label’s webstore and Bandcamp. The vinyl will be available in a standard black and a limited edition clear variant, along with test pressings in die-hard packaging. The album marks the band’s first official release following the “Locust Spawning” single and the self-titled demo, both released in 2019.


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