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Ohio based electro/industrial act Hexadiode – the duo of Jonas Miseh and Tim Krug – has announced the follow-up to the pair’s lauded Ibex debut, titled Metaxy. In a special exclusive, ReGen Magazine is proud to showcase the album track “Markov Chain” as an example of what the album has to offer. Miseh states that the song’s themes revolve around the current sociopolitical zeitgeist; “I began looking into and dissecting the concept of stochastic terrorism,” Miseh comments, “Thinking about how words can be more than just empty threats, and instead can become weapons applied as veiled (and not so veiled) calls to violence, and cult like levels of emotional reactions.” He goes on to explain that the song had been rewritten numerous times and nearly abandoned until they began to explore these ideas as a springboard for its thematic direction, concluding that “At the point when the lyrical concepts came together, the energy and the sound palette finally started to mesh into something that felt right.”

Metaxy will be released on CD via EKProduct on September 20, with digital and vinyl editions to follow on October 31, the latter limited to 200 copies; as well, a translucent white vinyl edition limited to 100 copies will also be release, along with bundles including a T-shirt. The album track “Impulse Matrix” is also available to preview via Bandcamp, where all formats of the album may be pre-ordered. The Ibex debut was released on August 1, 2016, followed by the Contaminated remix EP on October 13, 2017.


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