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Tim Krug has been operating under the Halicon moniker since the mid ’90s, crafting a warped and mangled brand of experimental electronic and IDM. Despite minimal output, the project has been in steady production over the years with Krug stockpiling numerous writing and recording sessions; the onset of the pandemic led to his culling from a variety of archival sources to culminate in a new album and a box set, with today, February 4 marking the launch of pre-orders. As such, ReGen Magazine is happy to premiere the music video for “Million O’Clock” from the Loner Veils record, which is due for release on March 4 in digital and cassette formats. “This track was originally a demo from 2011,” Krug explains, citing the influence of Nine Inch Nails’ Year Zero and its themes of “ongoing dystopia,” as well as the soundtrack the band created for The Social Network; utilizing distorted piano tones and various effects and audio manipulations, he further explains of the video, “I tried to capture that push/pull as the ominous undertones fight for balance against the more hopeful, if warped, piano melodies.”

Originally intended to be an EP of B-sides dating from 2002-2012, Loner Veils will also be included on the forthcoming box set, a five-cassette collection that also includes the Vacant Splines, Vello Rinse, Reticulation, and Synaptic Peripherals records spanning 2020-2021. With each tape individually recorded and hand-stamped, the box set also comes with liner notes and inserts assembled by hand, the boxes designed and printed as “a proper labor of love.” Krug is also a member of electro/industrial act Hexadiode, post-punk band Oh Condor,


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