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With the Chicago electroscuzz group’s sixth album approaching its long-awaited release, GoFight continues to steadily guide audiences into MekaDisko‘s revolutionary dystopian world. Making its premiere here on ReGen Magazine, “Freestate” appears as the fourth and final single from the album, once again sending listeners to the dance floor with a throbbing EBM bass line, scathing atmospheric textures, forceful rhythms, and lyrics sure to stimulate your synapses as the song presents another chapter in the MekaDisko story. GoFight founder and songwriter Jim Marcus explains, “We tried to tell a story about the future, where super wealthy had begun to abandon the planet after stripping it of resources, leaving behind the impoverished many who could barely survive. The government, fearing widespread unrest, converts the planet to a worldwide tourist club called the MekaDisko, run by A.I. DJs, where people dance and work to earn credits to eat, breathe, and live, sinking into cryogenic suspension between shifts.” With each single and video exhibiting various aspects of the story, from the A.I.’s recognition of the beauty of humanity and ultimately joining in the resistance to the pledge to fight no matter the cost, Marcus goes on to say that “‘Freestate’ marks the second-to-last chapter in the story, where the resistance hackers plant the ladder tom that destroys the function of the MekaDisko, resulting in their escape… and a sudden unexpected realization about the state of the planet.” The video for “Freestate” features performances by Jessy Shortino, Cate McFarland, Jessica Hatler, Hinako Mizuta, Sauda Namir, Ryan Stewart, Jon Schy, and Adrian Halo, with sculpture created by Bryan Sperry.

MekaDisko presents a fully-fledged sci-fi story that recalls the lyrical and thematic complexity of Pink Floyd’s The Wall and Fear Factory’s Obsolete, and not just through the music; the story is fleshed out through the videos, a full booklet, short stories, a book, and more that will fill in any additional blanks, making it GoFight’s most ambitious project to date. A firm and active proponent for LGBTQ+ rights, civil rights, gender equality, and progressive causes for most of his life, Marcus’ music in GoFight – as was also the case in Die Warzau – has been described as “pro-sex/anti-war,” with MekaDisko taking that stance even further; of this new endeavor, he comments, “I feel like sci-fi basically readies us, gives us the tools to fix things,” going on to also say that MekaDisko is “a back-handed way to comment on today’s modern culture of overwork and victimization of all but the moneyed class.”
Album CoverFreestate” follows the “DirtyFuckingPretty,” “Ghosts of the Earth,” and “Out of the Fire” singles, with MekaDisko now expected to appear by October; the album was originally slated for a July 4 release, but was delayed due to complications caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


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