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Keeping an ever vigilant eye on the sociopolitical zeitgeist and addressing issues of progressive change and social justice, Chicago electroscuzz act GoFight presents a new single and music video, titled “Ghosts of the Earth.” Making its premiere here on ReGen Magazine, the single marks the second taste of the band’s upcoming MekaDisko album as the song continues the album’s cautionary themes about a dystopian future in which the grand visions of progress are built at the expense of “dead and dying workers, slaves, natives, and children.” GoFight vocalist/songwriter/producer Jim Marcus explains further:


As resources across Earth become more scarce, the rich get ever richer while the impoverished struggle harder and harder to make ends meet. Many people realize that they are going about their day waiting to die. Those with the resources to do so leave the earth in ships while the remaining inhabitants struggle to pay for food, air, and the necessities. The earth government, wary of revolution, turns the entire planet into a giant club – for people from off planet – where the battered inhabitants of earth dance, work, and serve to afford what they need to survive, while AI DJs drive the beat.
Here, it becomes clear how many people have been lost to starvation and the excesses of the wealthy, and those left behind find themselves forced to dance on the heads of them all, buried in the ground, like the natives of old.


Both the song and music video for “Ghosts of the Earth” were written and performed by Marcus with the participation of GoFight band mates Daniel Evans, Vince McAley, and Mission Marcus. As stated, the song marks the second single from MekaDisko, following DFP (“DirtyFuckingPretty”), which was released to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The sixth full-length album from GoFight, following the 2019 Anthem covers album, parts of MekaDisko (including the two aforementioned singles) were generated through methods of artificial intelligence – rhythms and vocal modulations were shifted in real time based on data accumulated via deep machine learning from techno club playlists, “mirroring what actual AI DJs might do.” The album is due for release on July 4.


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