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In April of this year, Portland electro/punk act Die Robot revealed its latest single, titled “Talk City,” and now, ReGen Magazine has the distinct pleasure of premiering the music video for the song. As the band’s first release of 2021, the song addresses issues of distrust in a society riddled with misinformation, with bassist Barbie Saint commenting that “one should not believe everything they read or hear in the media, but rather, research and find the truth.” However, despite the inherent seriousness of its lyrical themes, the video was approached in a more joyful manner; taking inspiration from ’80s and ’90s videos and movies, vocalist Vince Christian sat in the director’s chair as Die Robot invited a myriad of friends to join the band in the practice space. Additionally, Lana Ungnade – who plays the role of the “Bad News Weather Girl” – handled cinematography, while John Case of RMLfx Studios was responsible for editing, with Saint concluding that “We hope you all enjoy it as much as we did making it.”

Mastered by James Scott of The Joy Thieves, “Talk City” was released on April 2 on Enfected Records and is now available digitally via Bandcamp. Besides Christian and Saint, the song features guitarist Rosmic Z and keyboardist Zane Hamilton, with the song written amid the Summer and Fall of “the apocalypse 2020.” Die Robot is currently working on new material for the follow-up album to 2018’s Technopunk.


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