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As the Portland electro/punk band continues to pave the way toward a new album, Die Robot has unveiled a new taste of what the group has in store in the form of “Only a Man.” Making its premiere here on ReGen Magazine, the song’s confident rhythmic stride and melodic ambience follows a distinctly Bowie-esque theme; “The song tells the story of a man who is left alone in space,” explains vocalist Vince Christian, “and the paralleled story of another man who can listen to the astronaut’s final words, with a radio from earth, but is unable to help.” Written by Christian with bassist Barbie Saint, “Only a Man” follows the “Talk City” single released earlier this year, and the 2020 “Fanatic” single; all three will be featured on Die Robot’s forthcoming Fanatics album, with plans for more singles and remixes to precede the record’s scheduled appearance in summer of 2022.

Utilizing 4K footage shot by Johnathan Case (RMLfx) of the band’s performances in Los Angeles, Seattle, Everett, and Portland during the Fall 2021 West Coast tour, the video for “Only a Man” showcases a “live and raw” recording of the song taken from the performance at the Star Theater; “We are so excited to play shows again,” Saint explains, “that we decided to release a performance live video, even though the song is not released yet.” Additional videos from the tour are available to view on Die Robot’s YouTube channel. Furthermore, the band will be returning to the stage by March 2022 with scheduled appearances at such festivals as Absolution, Dark Side of the Con, Mechanismus, and Out From the Shadows, with a full listing of live dates available via Die Robot’s website.


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