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Earlier this month, longstanding industrial/metal act Deathline International released the “Parasite” single, addressing issues of climate change and man’s destruction of the environment, inspired by the water shortages and wildfires prevalent in the band’s home base of California. Now, the band is presenting that message in the form of a new short film by front man Christian “Th3Count” Petke, making its premiere here on ReGen Magazine, and as provocative visually as the lyrics. Stating that the longterm effects of climate change “will make the pandemic look like child’s play,” Th3Count explains that the topic has been of great significance to him for over 30 years, going on to cite global examples from the failure of the Texas energy grid to the tornadoes ravaging the midwest, devastating heatwaves and fires not only in the U.S. but in Australia, “and the speed of these events is accelerating.” He further comments that humanity has proven ill equipped to deal with crises that unfold so gradually, calling us “rather poor caretakers” of the veritable Garden of Eden that is our home, preferring to respond simply to the moment of our daily lives rather than address the longterm consequences.

As stated, the power of the short film’s imagery matches that of the lyrics, with Th3Count having constructed “Parasite” from free stock clips mostly from of the natural world in its glorious splendor juxtaposed with the grime and filth of our technological and materialistic apathy. The footage was assembled with the assistance of an AI at Rotor, which he says “appealed to my cyberpunk sensibility,” and the music showcases the Parasite EP’s opening mix by Stabbing Westward’s Christopher Hall. No mere music video, Th3Count says “Parasite” is something more, “maybe a reminder of what is truly at stake here.”
The Stabbing Westward remix of “Parasite” appears alongside the single mix by John Fryer and the Sonic Assault remix by label mates Sick Jokes on the Parasite EP, released on December 3 via COP International. Produced by Fryer, the song was written by Christian “Th3Count” Petke with G.W. Childs IV and Stephen “SLam” Lam, while the EP’s artwork was created by Greg Rolfes; additionally, SLam mastered the EP, also providing programming and guitars with James Perry. The Parasite EP follows the 2020 ACLU benefit single “Troops of Tomorrow,” while the forthcoming fifth studio album from Deathline International, titled Pax Americana, is due to appear on COP International in 2022.


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