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In anticipation of the band’s second album, Michigan industrial/rock act Deadlight Holiday has revealed a lyric visualizer for the track “Blood and Body.” making its premiere here on ReGen Magazine. Further emphasing the blend of alternative and nü-metal with industrial/rock, the song’s lyrics address the current state of American culture and “our collective cognitive dissonance” towards the difficulties and problems humans create. The band further explains that although offering no solutions, they as musicians can “call attention to subject matter, and create a ‘question mark’ of sorts for people to make up their own mind.”

“Bloody and Body” was mixed by Lucas D’Angelo and mastered by Maor Appelbaum, with the Blood//Body single due for release on March 19; pre-orders are available now via Bandcamp. Along with an instrumental version of the track, the single also includes a remix of “Bloody and Body” created by Angelspit, with whom Deadlight Holiday had worked on the March 2020 single “Lullaby.” The band is currently in production of the follow-up album to 2019 Path of Desolation debut.


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  1. […] March 20, 2021 – Michigan-based industrial/rock band DEADLIGHT HOLIDAY have unleashed their highly-anticipated new single, “Blood And Body.”  The visualizer made its premiere on March 17th at ReGen Magazine HERE: […]

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