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With a new album nearing its release, Ed Hawx presents a new taste of the dystopian sci-fi extravaganza, along with a dash of developmental angst and uncertainty, that is his DEADLIFE project with the new single “Tears of the Juvenile.” Making its premiere here on ReGen Magazine, the track demonstrates DEADLIFE’s penchant for haunting melodies and cybernetic atmospheres, the vibrant instrumental touching on universal themes as Hawx reflects on memories of his turbulent and tumultuous teenage years; touching on the social and emotional isolation he endured during this time in his life, the artist explains, “‘Tears of the Juvenile’ is about all of these feelings – feeling disconnected, reflecting on the past, processing certain events, losing people very close to you, and the people many will never get to meet, but they were so important to me.” Having spent time “not really understanding my place in the world, or why things were panning out how they were,” as well as dealing with the lack of communication between people – things left unsaid and undone – before ultimately getting by to become who he is.

“Tears of the Juvenile” is the latest single off of DEADLIFE’s new album, God in the Machine, due for release on August 6 via FiXT Neon in digital and CD formats. “This album has been coming for a long time, and I emotionally invested a lot into it,” Hawx explains, with the track being but one example of the record’s themes of processing past events and grappling with one’s identity. He concludes, “I’m happy with the album, but it’s like that meme – at what cost?” Featuring guest performances by regular collaborator Tessa Hedrick and label mate Scandroid (FiXT Neon founder Klayton), God in the Machine is available for pre-order via Bandcamp and the FiXT webstore.


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