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Throughout 2020, industrial/metal act Circle of Dust has been celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the 1995 self-titled debut album, with Klayton returning to the original files and some of the original equipment used to create the now iconic record and rebuilding the songs from the ground up. As part of this celebration, each track has been released as both a standalone single, and offering up newly created remixes, with Cyanotic’s remix of “Rational Lies” being but the latest in the series, now making its premiere here on ReGen Magazine. Already one of the original album’s more introspective and atmospheric tracks, Cyanotic infuses a healthy dose of Chicago coldwave energy with distorted electronic bass, sharp and punchy guitar flourishes, and insistent beats true to the band’s own style, with Klayton’s original vocals and the evocative samples remaining to keep the track definitively Circle of Dust. Cyanotic’s 25th Anniversary remix of “Rational Lies” can now be streamed on YouTube and on Spotify, and can be purchase via Bandcamp and the FiXT webstore.

Album CoverThe 25th Anniversary edition of Circle of Dust is slated to appear before the end of 2020, with singles and remixes for the album tracks “Onenemy,” “Demoralize,” “Self Inflict” and “Rational Lies” now available; remixes for the first three singles were created by Fury Weekend, Soul Extract, Rabbit Junk, and The Anix. A remastered edition of the original Circle of Dust album was released as part of a series covering Circle of Dust’s discography in 2016, which will remain available as they are; Klayton clarifies that this new 2020 Anniversary version will present a mix of the album “like I heard them in my head in 1995.”
Cyanotic most recently presented a recorded live-in-studio performance as part of the ColdWaves festival’s “Lost Weekend” virtual event, in which legendary bassist Charles Levi joined the band. Last September marked the release of the group’s latest album, The Trigger Effect, with a new audio/visual body horror satire titled Steel City Nightmares currently in the works.


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