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Having made his mark as a live member of such bands as Bella Morte, Panic Lift, and MAN1K1N, Christian Carver now strikes out on his own with his new project, CARV.R. Making its premiere here on ReGen Magazine is his debut single, “Erase Me,” with an accompanying visualizer clip; featuring guest vocals from fellow electro artist Goo Munday, “Erase Me” presents CARV.R’s darkly energetic and melancholy pop-oriented sound with themes “inspired by the act of how partners come to terms with the end of relationships, acting like they’re counterpart was never even there to begin with and masking their grief with happiness publicly.” Created by MRE video, the visualizer showcases the single’s cover painting by Johnny E. Veil, based on a photo of Carver by Nyman Photography. The “Erase Me” single will appear on all streaming platforms on October 10.


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