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May 7 saw the release of Army the Muscle Mech / Geisha, the split EP featuring EBM act Chrome Corpse and industrial/metal band Decent News, now available as a name-your-price item on Bandcamp via Brutal Resonance Records. With a limited cassette edition of the EP due to appear in June, a visualizer clip for the opening track by Chrome Corpse now makes its premiere here on ReGen Magazine; the Repuliverized rendition of “Cortex Pulverizer” showcases the classic metallic dance grooves, steely synth bass lines, and aggressive and in-your-face vocals of the band’s EBM style, with an alternative Neuro-smashing club version of the track also appearing as a bonus track on digital editions of the EP.


Along with “Cortex Pulverizer (Repulverized),” the Army the Muscle Mech / Geisha features a remix of “Dance or Die” from Chrome Corpse’s 2020 Helmet Mounted Display EP created by former High Functioning Flesh member Physical Wash, and a Franzosische Amerikanische Freundschaft version (in a loving nod to EBM legends DAF – Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft) of “Kampf Schweiss Stahl.” Decent News presents two new tracks in the form of “I’m Slipping Away” and “Death Row,” the latter track also present in a remixed version by Carrion’s Hide Tepes under his From the Mouth Öv Belial moniker; industrial project Null Cell also remixes “I’m Slipping Away” and Chrome Corpse’s “Megatank.” Limited to 50 copies, the dark pink cassette editions of Army the Muscle Mech / Geisha also contain alternate artwork, and a decorated four-panel J-card. The EP is dedicated to the memory of DAF front man Gabriel “Gabi” Delgado-López, who passed away in March of 2020 at the age of 61.


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