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Pittsburgh’s Bring Her – the duo of Nadine J. and Marcus N – continues to usher in their own brand od somber darkwave and gothic rock overtones with the impending release of Comfort In the Shame, with the album’s second single, “While You Rise,” making its premiere here on ReGen Magazine. As evidenced by the song’s urgency and grim atmosphere, “While You Rise” presents what Marcus N. explains as an attempt “to push aggression further into our heavy, punk-inspired form of darkwave,” a style referred to by some now as sorrow wave. Furthermore, the incessant droning howl of distorted guitars and programmed beats, along with the “tormented lyrics” drive the song’s title home, with Marcus concluding that the song demands oneself “to wake and rise.”

“While You Rise” follows the album’s introductory single, “The Last the Worse,” with Comfort In the Shame now available for pre-order in digital and cassette formats on Bandcamp. The album is due for release via Knife Hits Records on August 19, marking Bring Her’s sophomore effort after the 2019 self-titled debut.


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