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2020 is proving to be a productive year for Andee Blacksugar – he has contributed guitar to the IN DUB remix collection from KMFDM, he released Lockdown Lullabies under his experimental Sheer Velocity moniker, and as Black Sugar Transmission released his tribute to Garbage’s 1995 debut and the first two albums of a planned trilogy. On the latter note, with the third album of the series approaching its release, ReGen Magazine has the privilege of now premiering the new music video for the record’s first single, “Twatted.” Showcasing the artist’s blend of twisted pop sensibilities with exploratory electronic textures and angular glam-inspired guitar lines, the song features bass by Adam James and Leon Gruenbaum credited for Samchillian Tip Tip Tip CheeePeeeee, with the psychedelic visuals provided by Preston Spurlock.

Album Cover“Twatted” will be appearing on Dream Finisher, which is due for release in October; the album follows Wandering into the Bullseye and The Flowering, which were released in February and June of this year, respectively. Proceeds from The Flowering were donated to The Movement For Black Lives, while those of the Garbage tribute album were donated to the Marsha P. Johnson Institute for the protection and defense of human rights for black transgender people. All past releases are available to purchase on the artist’s Bandcamp, while a special box set edition of the 2020 Trilogy is available on the Black Sugar Transmission webstore. Artwork for the trilogy was created by Hypnodoll.


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