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Following the “Greenhouse” single, BILE returns with a new taste of what the band has in store for the upcoming Pot Farmer, Vol. 2. Wrought with the band’s signature distorted blend of melody and disharmony, “Pot Farmer” takes audiences on what BILE founder Krztoff calls “a rude journey” through a dark sci-fi narrative, the track an onslaught of the band’s trademark sonic grit and grime. Making its premiere here on ReGen Magazine, the video for “Pot Farmer” presents a nightmarish depiction of BILE’s music, utilizing A.I. generation to mangle and manipulate still frames of artwork into undulating Lovecraftian masses of audiovisual terror. Krztoff also goes on to detail the dystopian setting of the song’s concept…


In the future, Cannabis is synthesized into a miracle cure for many human ailments: cancer, AIDS, dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc., but also general wellness, as it is added to most foods.
As the death rate reduces drastically, overpopulation has created crisis level events around the globe.
Off-planet agricultural facilities were created by the hundreds to grow the life-saving commodity. The completely automated growing facility only takes a small number of workers to run the entire system. And with the size of the vessels, most workers can go for years without having in person contact together.
Such a thankless, lonely, longterm job contract that most never end up returning. Insanity. Heart attacks. Suicides mostly. Occasionally, they give deals to Death Row inmates instead of execution, but most just choose lethal injection.
Loners. Agoraphobes. Angry. Pissed off. Fed up with it all. “Who needs it, let ’em all burn.”
Society looks down on these outcast workers and calls them, ‘Pot Farmers.’
And they’re happy to be rid of them.

Pot Farmer, Vol. 2 follows up on 2021’s Sharks and Covid, Vol. 1, marking BILE’s first full-length album since 2013’s Built to Fuck, Born to Kill. With a release date of July 22 via Bandcamp, the album will subsequently appear on streaming services on August 5. Another music video using the same A.I. technology as “Pot Farmer” will be appearing soon, titled “Marshall Stacks.”


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Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)

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