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From Jacksonville, FL comes the husband-and-wife duo of Terri and Ed Cripps, bringing a decidedly outsider brand of gothic-laced industrial with their band Batavia. Recorded in the couple’s home studio over the course of several weeks, the band has now unveiled a lyric video for the title track to the upcoming EP, Quite Mean Spirited, making its premiere here on ReGen Magazine. With the song and the EP exploring themes of what drives malevolent human impulses and the drive of the soul to inflict indignities upon their fellow beings, the song specifically tackles the justification of such venom through tribal attitudes.

Album CoverDue for release on August 29 via Tigersquawk Records, the Quite Mean Spirited EP includes a remix of the title track by Leæther Strip, along with three of Batavia’s own tracks, all further exploring the aforementioned themes; “Ab Initio” and “Finis” present a two-part narrative based on the true story of a Soviet woman in the 1930s, who was imprisoned and subsequently tortured and cannibalized by her fellow prisoners. Additionally, the EP features a cover of The Jesus and Mary Chain’s “Upside Down,” reimagined in Batavia’s darkly industrialized metal style. Pre-orders for Quite Mean Spirited are available via Bandcamp; it follows the band’s Graveyard EP, released on July 4, with both releases offered as name-your-price items.


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