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ReGen Magazine presents this exclusive premiere of “Swallow,” the first single from the debut album by electro/EBM act 6th Circle. Based in Columbus, OH, and pursuing a distinct style of bleak, occultish, and anarchist post-industrial atmosphere that draws on band mastermind Matt Auxier’s efforts to “revitalize” and “reimagine” the genre, full of references to the sounds of old but with a vision aimed toward “a broad new spectrum of futuristic sonic transfigurations.” With lyrical and conceptual themes centering on the opposition to religious institutions, social downfall leading to anarchy, and other darker fringe aspects of the genre, 6th Circle’s The Third Estate debut is due for release on October 4 via Sentient Ruin Laboratories; Auxier states the album to be a progression from his previous EP cassette releases – 2018’s Pacified and the Conjuring EP released earlier this year. Additionally, 6th Circle will be joining the likes of Wingtips, Panic Priest, Korine, and others on September 28 at Jubilæum 2, as well as an album released party on October 4 at Ace of Cups in the artist’s hometown of Columbus.


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