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As the longest year on record crawls to an end, it’s time to look back over a year of fantastic releases from a huge catalog of great artists. Like teenagers in the record store with only our allowances to spend, ReGen staff writer Brian H. McLelland, webmaster Trubie Turner, and editor-in-chief Ilker Yücel managed to narrow down our favorites to this collection of 25 tracks. With so much music released this year, it was not an easy selection process, and each of ReGen‘s core members will be releasing individualized favorites of 2020 in the coming weeks to cover some of the additional releases that we loved. This playlist features a wide variety of styles and hopefully has a little something for everyone, from darkly melodic post-punk to scathing yet emotive industrial/rock, from post-hardcore noise to pulsing danceable electro.
Track list:

  1. PIG – “Sex & Death”
  2. System Syn – “Knives”
  3. Stabbing Westward – “Cold”
  4. Rabbit Junk – “Relentless (Omicron Nu Epsilon)”
  5. Bootblacks – “Hidden Things”
  6. Minuit Machine – “Danger”
  7. Ascension of the Watchers – “Ghost Heart”
  8. ESA – “The Scorn”
  9. Be My Enemy – “Bad Blood”
  10. 51 Peg – “Thread”
  11. Korine – “Cold Heart”
  12. The Brides of the Black Room (feat. Ginger Khan) – “Ambulance”
  13. Amelia Arsenic – “Purity”
  14. Night Club – “My Valentine”
  15. Lebanon Hanover – “The Last Thing”
  16. BILE – “Children of the Gun”
  17. Akhlys – “Ephialtes”
  18. Ashbury Heights – “Spectres From the Black Moss”
  19. Nite – “Chains”
  20. CHANT – “Love, Sex & Revolution”
  21. Black Nail Cabaret – “No Gold”
  22. Autoclav1.1 – “Locked Down”
  23. Greg Puciato – “Do You Need Me to Remind You?”
  24. Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou – “The Valley”
  25. Empathy Test – “Monsters”


Congratulations to all the artists featured on this list and please stay tuned for the individual favorites playlists to come as we attempt to pay tribute to the artists who helped make this arduous year just a little bit more bearable. Please consider visiting the Bandcamp and artists’ pages to help support the continued effort of creating music and art – something that matters.
Finally, all of us here at ReGen would like to thank our readers, friends, family, and musicians who continue to support us and participate in this community. We’re so grateful that you’ve made it this far and hope that 2021 provides an upward trajectory for every one of us.
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Brian H. McLelland (BMcLelland)

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