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Long hidden from public view as ReGen Magazine‘s webmaster, we owe much to Trubie Turner as the main force that keeps us afloat. With the wide range of emotions the struggle that is 2020 has brought on, Trubie Turner’s list went for a wider range of music than the usual industrial and tangentially associated subgenres that is ReGen’s main focus. From attempting to maintain a meditative calm with the Scandiavian neo-folk of Jonathan Hultén and Danheim, striving for a guttural driving force in the apocalyptic black metal of Panzerfaust and The Committee, just wanting to wallow a bit with the gloom of Hallowed Hearts and Soft Kill, or just looking for the reliable smile brought on by Daddybear’s mantra in “Three Wishes,” music has been one of the great coping mechanisms left to us in this bleak year of stress and isolation. Even the planning out of purchases for Bandcamp Friday has given us something to look forward to each month along with some much needed retail therapy. Here’s hoping you too can find some new music in this list to help ring in a better and brighter year in 2021.
Track list:

  1. Daddybear – “Three Wishes”
  2. Hante. – “Run, Lie, Cry”
  3. Ulver – “Machine Guns and Peacock Feathers”
  4. MOЯIS BLAK – “Mandy (I’m Your God Now)”
  5. IHSAHN – “Roads”
  6. Black Royal – “Pagan Saviour”
  7. Hallowed Hearts – “Electric”
  8. Skeleton – “Taste of Blood”
  9. Assemblage 23 – “Dissonance”
  10. Jonathan Hultén – “The Mountain”
  11. Snog – “Tear It All Down (With a Song)”
  12. Draconian – “Sleepwalkers”
  13. Forndom – “Yggdrasil”
  14. Rome – “Kali Yuga Über Alles”
  15. Statiqbloom – “Restless”
  16. Molchat Doma – “Ответа Нет / Otveta Net”
  17. Danheim – “Hefna”
  18. Calligram – “Vivido Perire”
  19. Soft Kill & Tamaryn – “Floodgate”
  20. Wardruna – “Kvitravn”
  21. The Committee – “Ossification – Law”
  22. Carpenter Brut – “Blood Machines Theme”
  23. Osi and the Jupiter – “They Ride Through the Sky on Horse Drawn Chariots”
  24. Panzerfaust – “Promethean Fire”
  25. Myrkur – “House Carpenter”


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Trubie Turner (Flexei)

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