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As one of the most tumultuous years in recent memory finally ends, ReGen Magazine is grateful to have maintained its productivity and kept a strong readership in the underground industrial and alternative music scene. Today, we close out 2020 with the final playlist in the Staff Favorites, this one following editor-in-chief and ReGen owner/operator Ilker Yücel. “I’ve never considered myself an authority or a scholar,” he states, “and my tastes are fairly diverse.” To alleviate the anxieties and the depression this year wrought upon all, Ilker’s selections tended to lean toward the heavier machine rock and metal sounds of MINISTRY, Filter, Fact Pattern, while also finding room for the more melodic yet still aggressive post-punk of Pitch Black Manor, Ganser, and Memory Mask, as well as a few sounds that veered just left of center, like the classic heavy metal of Blue Öyster Cult, the abrasive bass-driven grit of Bellhead, and the smooth dub/reggae stylings of KMFDM’s latest output. “I found myself purchasing more music than I was actually able to listen to,” Ilker concludes, “but even so, I managed to immerse myself in some of the great new musical creations of this year. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.”
Track list:

  1. MINISTRY – “Alert Level” [Quarantined Mix]
  2. Black Magnet – “Trustfucker”
  3. Fact Pattern – “Generating Keys”
  4. Circle of Dust – “Self Inflict” [The Anix Remix]
  5. Julien-K – “Harmonic Disruptor”
  6. FTANNG! – “… And No One Seemed to Care …”
  7. Ganser – “Emergency Equipment and Exits”
  8. Blue Eyed Christ (feat. EN ESCH & Mea Fisher) – “World On Fire”
  9. Dissonance – “Ephemeral” [Vice Mix by Glenn Kirchner]
  10. Morgue VVitch – “Midnight Sun of Summer”
  11. Memory Mask – “Days of Zero” [Nighttime Reboot]
  12. Filter – “Thoughts and Prayers”
  13. Beauty In Chaos (feat. Curse Mackey) – “A Kind Cruelty” [Sinistrality Mix]
  14. Pitch Black Manor – “Bitefire”
  15. SINE (feat. Chris Connelly) – “Desolate District”
  16. Matte Blvck – “Western Fold”
  18. The Clay People – “Colossus” [Uberholung]
  19. Blue Öyster Cult – “The Alchemist”
  20. NUKES – “Death Sky”
  21. The Cassandra Complex – “The Crown Lies Heavy On the King” [Destroy Donlad Trump Mix]
  22. Josie Pace & Sammi Doll – “Perfect Replacement”
  23. Android Lust & Collide – “Are You Listening?”
  24. Bellhead – “Unicorn Borns”
  25. 5 R V L N 5 – “World of Filth” [Dissociation Remix by Justin K. Broadrick]


“Thank you all so much for sticking with ReGen Magazine as we have all struggled through this tough-as-fuck year. Unending gratitude to the staff and contributors – Brian, Trubie, Lizzie, Adrian… to the readers, to my cats, my beloved Tabby, my darling Katya, my brother John, my other brother Kevin and his lady Aileen, and to my family.”

“May 2021 set fire to all the unpleasant memories of this past year, leaving only the bright embers of goodness behind, and shine a bright light on a better year to come.”
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Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)

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