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It has been nearly two years since Spotify curator and staff writer Brian H. McLelland departed from ReGen Magazine to begin his acclaimed Void Signal Podcast; as such, it has also been that long since ReGen has kept up with its Spotify playlists… but that changes now as editor-in-chief Ilker Yücel presents Soul of a New Machine – “A playlist of mechanized, electronicized, modern industrial/metal.” With selections chosen primarily from releases in 2020-2022, this playlist showcases the current wave of acts that are taking the genre to new heights; latter day bands like Fact Pattern, Dread Risks, Black Magnet, Above & Below, Mechanize, Contracult, and Binary Order clash iron fury with longtime practitioners like JK Flesh, Fear Factory with Rhys Fulber, and BILE. Be aware that the sounds you’ll hear across these tracks are corrosive, abrasive, and will more than likely cause you to grind your teeth like the rusted rotors of a broken down machine; yet amid the sonic chaos are precious few moments of melodic reprieve… take care lest you find your body transforming into a nightmarish fusion of flesh and steel a la Shinya Tsukamoto’s Tetsuo series. But all metaphor and hyperbole aside, ReGen hopes that you enjoy this small sampling of the current wave of industrial/metal. More to come!


Track list:

  1. Fact Pattern – “Retail Therapy”
  2. Black Magnet – “Hermetix”
  3. Dread Risks – “Bound Limbs” [ESA Electronic Substance Abuse RMX]
  4. Above & Below – “Covered”
  5. Binary Order – “Parasite”
  6. BILE – “Disintegration Day”
  7. Neon Shudder – “TECH BRUT!”
  8. Silent Weapon – “The Revolving Doors of Hell”
  9. Derision Cult – “Bastards of the World” [Glitch Mode Breaks Mix]
  10. Fear Factory – “Path to Salvation” [Purity Remix by Rhys Fulber]
  11. Seven Factor – “Unnumbered”
  12. ZCluster – “Vessel”
  13. SPANKTHENUN – “Dominate” [That REZZ Version]
  14. Contracult – “Infirmary”
  15. [syndiko:zero] – “Reset”
  16. Matt Hart – “Decimate”
  17. Trace Amount – “Digitized Exile”
  18. Realize – “Hypermech”
  19. Author & Punisher – “Centurion”
  20. JK Flesh – “Sewerbait”



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Also be sure to check out the Void Signal Podcast, in which Brian H. McLelland speaks with various artists in the realms of electro, industrial, goth, post-punk, and more!
Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)

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