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In these times of isolation and social distancing, the need for human contact is being felt around the world in all its forms – emotionally, spiritually, and perhaps most of all, physically. With this in mind, ReGen Magazine has begun a new series of Spotify playlists designed to provide the perfect soundtrack to your sexy times in the end times – “Sex-O Quarantin-O!” Curated by Writer Brian H. McLelland, Webmaster Trubie Turner, and Editor-in-Chief Ilker Yücel, we offer here a selection of hip-thrusting, crotch-grinding, body-slithering tracks perfect for pandemic playtime, whether you’re with a partner or flying solo. Warning: the lyrical subject matter contained in the songs on this playlist are of an adult and highly sexual nature – parental discretion is strongly NOT advised.
Track list:

  1. Revolting Cocks – “Touch Screen” [Camperized Cargo Van Mix]
  2. IAMX – “Nature of Inviting”
  3. Genitorturers – “Flesh Is the Law”
  4. <PIG> – “Hard Machine” [Hard Sex Remix by Black Asteroid]
  5. Lords of Acid – “Scrood Bi U”
  6. Julien-K – “Dossier”
  7. Venus In Aries – “Beyond the Veil”
  8. Dave Gahan – “Deeper and Deeper”
  9. BILE – “Sex Reflex”
  10. KANGA – “Viciousness”
  11. Front 242 – “Body to Body” (Live)
  12. My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult – “The Chains of Fame”
  13. More Machine Than Man – “Perv”
  14. Slick Idiot – “Get Laid” [Remixed by Gravity Shock vs. Fredx!]
  15. Blue Stahli – “Demon”
  16. Android Lust – “The Body”
  17. Sister Machine Gun – “Temptation”
  18. Blownload – “X” [Beast with Two Backs Mix]
  19. Death Ride 69 – “Super Hot Sister 69”
  20. GoFight – “Fuck Like a Movie Star”
  22. Strvngers – “Fetisha”
  23. Army of the Universe – “Coin Operated Girl”
  24. Cynergy 67 – “Electrowhore”
  25. Scandy – “Crush On a Robot”
  26. Chemlab – “Pyromance”
  27. Noise Unit – “Tighten Up”


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ReGen encourages everyone to stay healthy and safe.


Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)

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  1. Alex Zander says:

    I need this. THANXXX. After podcast BBQ muzik

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