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Industrial music ultimately began as a means to address and protest against injustice across the board – political, spiritual, artistic, and even sexual. In a scene that is seemingly dominated by an overabundence of angry men, it becomes necessary to raise the volume of the female voices that have been a significant and pioneering force in industrial music, a genre that was supposed to be a transgressive and transformative force in challenging the norms of polite and predominantly patriarchal society. With this in mind, ReGen Magazine has devoted its latest Spotify playlist to amplifying some of the most powerful female voices in the scene, with this being but the first volume of many to come. Curated by Writer Brian H. McLelland, Webmaster Trubie Turner, and Editor-in-Chief Ilker Yücel, this first collection “Female Voices” features a diverse and virulent range of artists – from the in-your-face aggression and confrontational fury of Josie Pace and Prometheus Burning, the abrasive and torturous soundscapes of Pharmakon and Lingua Ignota, the incendiary melodic fire of Kidneythieves and KMFDM, to all points in between.


Track list:

  1. Android Lust – “The Want”
  2. KANGA – “Honey”
  3. KMFDM – “Murder My Heart”
  4. Youth Code – “For I Am Cursed”
  5. Kidneythieves – “Dead Girl Walking”
  6. Amelia Arsenic – “Queen of Risk”
  7. 12 Rounds – “Sunshine”
  8. Josie Pace – “Even If It Kills Me”
  9. Mankind Is Obsolete – “Awake”
  10. I:Scintilla – “Human”
  11. Helalyn Flowers – “Kamikaze Angel”
  12. Strvngers – “Dressed to Kill”
  13. Hot Pink Satan – “Wet Tights”
  14. Charlotte Gainsbourg – “Terrible Angels”
  15. Chris & Cosey – “On the Precipice of Devil’s Canyon”
  16. Hanzel und Gretyl – “Disko Fire Scheiss Messiah”
  17. Pharmakon – “Transmission”
  18. Curse – “Suspect Terrain”
  19. Prometheus Burning – “Eevilution”
  20. Santa Hates You – “Raise the Devil”
  21. Ego Likeness – “Sirens and Satellites”
  22. Tapping the Vein – “Butterfly”
  23. Curve – “Recovery”
  24. The Birthday Massacre – “Diamonds”
  25. Lingua Ignota – “O Ruthless Great Divine Director”


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Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)

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