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After the acclaimed Before We Vanish album released in 2018, along with the dance-oriented “Haze of Hearts” track on the sixth and final edition of the Electronic Saviors compilation series, electro/rock act Trade Secrets is back with the first part of a new series. These Other Lives, Part 1 presents four new tracks that expand on the group’s signature rich blend of haunting melodies, coldwave and post-punk energy, and cinematic synthesized atmospheres, touching on themes of “distance and desire in the digital age.” Currently available to purchase as a digital item, ReGen Magazine is thrilled to have the opportunity to offer this exclusive stream of These Other Lives, Part 1 for fans to hear it in its entirety, available until Friday, July 10.

Arranged by Trade Secrets founder F.J. DeSanto, and mixed and mastered by regular collaborator Mike Venezia (also of DeSanto’s past groups Hypefactor and The Aggression), the EP was written, recorded, an dproduced in various locations around the world; of its production, Venezia states that These Other Lives “focuses more on space, texture, and tension and release – more dynamics, more drama.” As with the group’s past releases, the lineup of contributing musicians and vocalists includes the likes of John Glenn Kunkel (The New Division), Peter Riley (Joy Machine, The Dossier), Charles LaBarbara (Deckard, Hypefactor), Alex Gonzales (Julien-K, The New Division, By An Ion), guitarist James Meays (Missing Words), and Damien Polak (Peka), who comments that the EP “is like four different emotions or four distinct moments along the same day,” calling the experience elegant and deep. DeSanto goes on to say, “I have always felt that my best skill is to bring out the best in very talented people, almost like a conductor of sorts, and we have truly found our groove together. I’ve been very lucky to have these guys step up once again to deliver something that I feel is a declaration of what Trade Secrets truly is.” As well, the EP’s visuals provided by Jim Marcus (GoFight, Die Warzau) and acclaimed photographer Liam Wong, whose images DeSanto states had captured closer than anyone what he felt and saw in his head when conceiving Trade Secrets.

These Other Lives, Part 1 was released on July 3 via Distortion Productions, and is available to purchase via Bandcamp. Part 2 is set for release as a digital EP later in the year, with plans to compile both EPs into a limited edition CD, which will feature additional tracks not found on the digital EPs.


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