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With the impending release of the debut EP from industrial/rock supergroup The Joy Thieves, ReGen Magazine has the singular honor of premiering the “raw version” of the music video for title track “This Will Kill That.” Directed by Joel Lopez, this alternate version of the video showcases the band-only footage, focusing on the diverse lineup of musicians participating in the song; among them are Chris Connelly (MINISTRY, Revolting Cocks, Cocksure), Marcus Eliopulos (Stabbing Westward), Dave Suycott (Stabbing Westward, Machines of Loving Grace), Jeff Harris (Mary’s Window), Matt Clark (Mary’s Window), James Scott (She Rides Tigers), and Ania Tarnowska (I Ya Toyah), organized by Dan Milligan (Drownbeat). “The band has had the goal of gathering musicians from different backgrounds,” states Milligan, “and coming together to create something cohesive and inspired; creating a new sense of community, where it had never previously been.” Chris Connelly comments on his involvment, “When I was first approached by Dan, I did not know him and I asked to hear the music… I loved it. It had that raw compulsion, that declaration of intent and aggression that I love, and it did not take long for me to write and record the lyrics.”

Expressing his respect and admiration for every member of The Joy Thieves, Milligan further states of this version of the video, “I love the original video for ‘This Will Kill That,’ but as soon as I saw the raw performance footage, I really wanted there to be a second version, using only the live band.” Hoping to capture the energy of the room on the night, he explains, “the very best part of the making of the video was simply standing back and watching that group of people interact with each other – not just artistically, but on a personal level as well.” He concludes, “I love the rawness of it, and I think it gives people a very cool peek at the energy that was happening in the room that night.” Ania Tarnowska confirms, “Some of us actually met for the very first time on the video set, but things just clicked. The feeling of connection that night was unreal, and it was like we had known each other forever. Filming was a fun, creative time, and so was the studio work.”
Already renowned for his numerous collaborations along with a formidable solo career, Connelly elaborates on the song’s meaning, stating that it “is loosely based on the writings of Victor Hugo, who stated ‘This Will Kill That,’ meaning that the printed word would destroy the building or the eddifice: before the printed word, so much history was displayed and alluded to through buildings… I bent this concept and turned it into a song which could be called a modern parable.”
The Joy Thieves’ This Will Kill That EP is due for release on June 28 via Armalyte Industries, and is available for pre-order now via Bandcamp. Produced by Dan Milligan and James Scott at Populist Recording, and mastered by Jules Seifert at Epic Audio Media, the EP will be released in digital and CD editions, including a deluxe edition limited to 250 copies containing alternate artwork, a mini-poster signed by various band members, and “possibly an extra track or two.”


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