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ReGen Exclusive: Slighter teams up with MOЯIS BLAK for latest single
One of the electro/industrial scene’s most prolific collaborators, Colin Cameron Allrich takes his Slighter outlet into heavier beat territory as he teams up with Boston industrial act MOЯIS BLAK on a new single and music video, “The Hunt.” Available now as a “name your price” item on Bandcamp, “The Hunt” acts as the lead single for Slighter’s upcoming 2019 album, Automata. Released on February 14 via Allrich’s own Confuction, Inc., the track is available in both a single edit and the Industrial Bass edit produced and mixed by MOЯIS BLAK, with the artwork featuring the talents of makeup artist A.J. Modely. The music video, also featuring Modely’s work, was conceived and edited by Allrich, with cameras and editing assistance from Rachel Desilets, as well as some camera work from Mechanical Harvest’s Luke Haughwout.



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