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With the October 19 release of Every Breath Our Last, North Carolina goth/electro act Nomadic War Machine has unveiled what might be the project’s most accessible material to date. ReGen Magazine is happy to premiere the music video for the EP’s opening track, “We Feel No Shame,” directed by band founder Margaret Killjoy with filmmaker and longtime friend Lx; as a trans woman, Killjoy states of the video’s concept, “We wanted to do something that explored the sense of alienation and community that one finds by being a rural queer,” going on to further state that “Creating music for a solo project can feel fairly isolating, so creating this video with so many different people was a revelation.” Featuring a diverse group of people dancing first on top of Killjoy’s car and then around a campfire, she calls it “one of the better experiences I’ve had this year.”

As Nomadic War Machine is described as “fucked up dance music for spooky queers who hate Nazis,” Killjoy has over the course of the project’s development incorporated elements of synthpop, techno, goth, and witch house. The Every Breath Our Last EP follows on the heels of 2018’s full-length Always///Forever album, presenting four tracks that “find joy in oblivion and revolt against fear and shame.” Of the song “We Feel No Shame,” Killjoy explains it to be “a song to celebrate our queer lives and the lives we lead in resistance to the people who aim to destroy us and others. It’s a song about taking pride in who we are, yes, but it’s also a militant song. If you fuck with us, we’ll fuck you up.” The Every Breath Our Last EP is available digitally via Bandcamp.


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