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ReGen Exclusive: new music video from Electronic Saviors collaboration featuring Adoration Destoyed and Lorelei Dreaming
ReGen Magazine is proud to present this exclusive music video premiere for the song “Ember,” a collaboration between two stars of the current wave of electro/industrial, Adoration Destroyed and Lorelei Dreaming. Created in association with multimedia artist Kitty Troller, the video features footage shot by Adoration Destroyed front man Erik Gustafson in Austin, TX and Chicago, IL, the duo providing “a high gloss goth glamor appeal to the contrasting industrial elements, which proved to be a dichotomy in somber perfection.” Of the video, Lorelei Dreaming’s Laura Bienz states, “I look at every project as an opportunity to work with inspiring artists, and I am extremely happy with the outcome of all these people working their magic.” Troller’s involvement came about due to her longtime partnership “in musical crime” with Bienz, with the latter saying, “It was a delight to have her behind the camera for this project,” and further referring to the collaboration with Gustafson to be a pleasure and “a poignant cause near and dear to my heart.”

“Ember” was a featured track on Electronic Saviors Vol. 5: Remembrance, the fifth volume of the highly acclaimed charity compilation series, released on June 8 of this year via Metropolis Records and founder Jim Semonik’s own Distortion Productions. “I am so amazed at the work the these two artists did on ‘Ember,'” Semonik comments, expressing his excitement at the video, “I’m dying to see the video as the chemistry that Lorelei Dreaming bring to the table is priceless. I’m honored that they chose this track for a video.” Electronic Saviors Vol. 5: Remembrance is available to purchase via the Distortion Productions website and the Metropolis Records Bandcamp.


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