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New York multi-instrumentalist and producer Timo Ellis has cultivated a sizeable reputation for his noisy and innovative output, with his work fronting Netherlands presenting some of his most dynamic work since the band’s foundation in 2010. Kali Corvette stands as the group’s sixth full-length album, which sees Netherlands embracing a more electropunk vibe to amplify the intensity exhibited by past offerings; still retaining the heavy noise rock and experimental metal sounds of old, the new album’s seven tracks are in label Three One G Records’ words, “a uniquely weaponized form of rock that reaches towards high art.” Furthermore, Ellis goes on to explain that the greater reliance on synths and sequencers awas the result of a “much more improvisational/expressionistic” mindset during the recording sessions, the band drawing more on influences akin to no wave and Krautrock, as well as post-punk and noise; he concludes by referring to Kali Corvette as “a warning from the future = our future ancestors desperately reaching back in time to try to wake us all up, before we exterminate ourselves and all of Earth’s remaining life support systems.”
Due for release on September 9 via Three One G Records, ReGen Magazine is pleased to present this exclusive stream of Kali Corvette in its entirety.

Produced by Ellis, the band consists of him with drummer Damien Shane Moffitt and synth/bassist Josh Musto, the record featuring guest appearances by Gibby Haynes (Butthole Surfers), Michael Kubacki (Car Bomb), Tim Dahl (Lydia Lunch Retrovirus), Daisy Press (Steve Reich), and Suzanne Von Aichinger (The Suzannes). As well, Kali Corvette contains a cover of Yoko Ono’s “Are You Looking For Me?” from her 2001 Blueprint For a Sunrise record, on which Ellis originally performed. A music video for the album’s title track of “Kali Corvette” is also set to be revealed on the release date of September 9. Pre-orders are available now in digital and vinyl formats.


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