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In a special exclusive, ReGen Magazine is proud to premiere the new music video from Canadian synthpop act EVA X, titled “Subsume.” Taken from the artist’s Electrowoman debut EP, founder and front woman Gaby Marie explains the song to have been “written about the pressures that a lot of us artists and creators face to conform to a traditional life path and expectations.” She goes on to say that this especially applies to women and the societal and cultural pressures placed on them to “make being a wife and mother the most important thing in your life.” These themes of domestic claustrophobia are thus presented in the music video, contrasted by the expansive exteriors of the artist in a snowy woodland with the, shot in Marie’s home province of Alberta by Erik Gustafson of Erik Gustafson Cinematography (and of several electro/industrial bands, including his own Adoration Destroyed); the irony of having created the video with her boyfriend was not lost on Marie, who explains that “He really understood the message and ideas behind the song.” She further comments that of all the songs on Electrowoman, “Subsume” held a visual identity and a story she felt comfortable conveying, the song being a response to her fears and a testament to the importance of her art and music in her life, saying, “I don’t think I could ever give those up and be truly happy.”

The Electrowoman EP was released on October 11 and is available in CD and digital formats now via Bandcamp; mixed and mastered by Chris Lacroix, all five songs on the EP were written and produced by Gaby Marie, with Listening Party Recordings’ Shane Stephenson assisting with the mix and production on “Subsume” and “Virtualsexual.” A remix of “Subsume” by Silver Walks is also featured on the EP.


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