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For nearly a decade, Dalila Kayros has been expanding the parameters of her musical path as a vocalist and composer, both as a solo artist and as a member of extreme avant-garde act SYK. After meeting fellow composer Danilo Casti in 2019, she began work on her third album under her own name, titled Animàmi, due for release on July 1 via Subsound Records; from her shared research in music with Casti, Kayros defines the album as “a mystic journey inside the unconscious,” with the artist explaining the record’s themes in the esoteric terms of a dragon in a cave, “the great Animàmi where all the shadows are merged in there.” With Casti responsible for the sound design, Animàmi sonically blends elements of ambient electronica, dark dub, and experimental industrial textures, with Kayros finally stating, “The only way to reach harmony with yourself is to feel your darkness entirely, to know it, embrace it, named it and let it be part of you.” Animàmi is available for pre-order now via Bandcamp, to be released on July 1 in digital, CD, and vinyl formats. ReGen Magazine is thrilled to be able to present this exclusive stream of the album in its entirety two days before its release.



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