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ReGen Exclusive: Circle of Dust announces remix album, premieres The Anix remix of "Hive Mind"
First making its return in 2015, Circle of Dust – the industrial/metal hybrid by Klayton of Celldweller – has announced the release of alt_Machines, a full-length remix album following up on the project’s 2016 comeback record, Machines of Our Disgrace. Featuring a diverse range of artists and styles, from the incendiary drum & bass of Voicians, DJ Hidden, and Raizer to the pulse-pounding EBM/industrial of Blue Stahli and Sebastian Komor, and the rocking synthwave of 3FORCE and Zeromancer, alt_Machines is an aggressive remix tour de force, due for release on June 1 via Klayton’s own FiXT imprint. Also featured on the album are Blue Stahli’s remixes of four ’90s Circle of Dust classics, originally included in the deluxe edition reissues of the project’s back catalog, as well as a multi-song mash-up, “Drum Machines of Our Disgrace,” and Zardonic’s drum & bass remix of the 2017 single “Dust to Dust.”

As a special showcase for the varied and dynamic sounds alt_Machines has to offer, ReGen Magazine is proud to present as a special exclusive premiere the remix of “Hive Mind” by electro/rock artist The Anix. The latest addition to the FiXT roster, having released the “Fight the Future” single on April 20, The Anix transforms the seething mechanoid fury of the original track into an atmospheric and emotive synthesized cornucopia.
Now available to stream via Spotify, alt_Machines can be pre-ordered via Bandcamp and the FiXT webstore.
Circle of Dust - alt_Machines Pre-Order


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